Class X


Ch 10 - Notes on Light and Reflection
Ch 10 - Light - Numericals
Ch 10 - Light - MCQ
Ch 10 - Light Reflection and refraction (Short Q & A)
Ch 10 - Numericals on Reflection and Refraction 
Ch 10 - Reflection of Light By Plane and Spherical Mirrors (Very Short Q & A)

Ch 11 - Human Eye and The Colourful World (Very Short Q & A)
Ch 11 - Human Eye and The Colourful World (Worksheet) 
Ch 11 - Human Eye and The Colourful World (NCERT Solution, Q & A) 
Ch 11 - Human Eye and The Colourful World (MCQs) 

Ch 12 - Electricity  (Q & A, NCERT Solutions and Numericals)
Ch 12 - Electricity (MCQs)
Ch 12 - Electricity (Worksheet)

Ch 13 - Magnetic Effects of Electric Current (Q&A-I)
Ch 13 - Magnetic Effects of Electric Current (Q & A - II)
Ch 13 - Magnetic Effects of Electric Current (MCQs)

Ch 14 - Sources of Energy(Q & A)
Ch 14 - Sources  of Energy (MCQs)
Ch 14 - Sources of Energy (Short Q & A)

Ch 16 - Management of Natural Resources (Worksheet)
Ch 16 - Management of Natural Resources (Q & A) 
Ch 16 - Management of Natural Resources (Question Bank)


Four New Elements Added in Periodic Table


MCQs & Papers

Science MCQs asked in CBSE Examination (SA-II)
Science SA-II Paper
Science SA-2 Sample Question Paper (2016)
Science SA2 Question Paper (2016)

Maths SA-1 Paper
Maths SA1 Sample Question Paper (2015-16) 
Maths - SA1 Sample Question Paper (2015-16) Set 2

CBSE Class 10 Proficiency Test Paper (Maths)
CBSE Class 10 Proficiency test Paper (Science)
Science SA-1 Paper
Science SA-1 Sample Q. Paper By DPS (2014-15)
Science SA-1 Sample Q Paper (2014-15)
One Mark Questions Asked in Science SA1 Papers
Science SA1 Sample Question Paper (2015-16)
Science SA1 Sample Question Paper (2015-16) - Set2

Social Science SA1 Sample Question Paper (2011)
Social Science SA1 Sample Question Paper (2014)

English(C) SA1 KVS Sample Question Paper (2012-13)
English (C) SA1 Question Paper (2014-15)
English (C) SA1 Question Paper (2015-16)

English (C) SA2 Question Paper (2014-2015)
English (C) SA2 Sample Question Paper with Marking Scheme (2016)
English (C) SA2 Question Paper (2016)

Class 10 Science & Technology Objective Test (Haryana Board) /PSA test/ NTSE Science Quiz-17
CBSE Solved SA-2 Science Question Paper (2012-2013) 
CBSE 2013-14 SA-2 Syllabus, Sample Questions and Q Paper Design

CBSE Class 10 - English (Comm.) SA-1 Sample Question (2013) by KVS
CBSE Class 10 - English (Communicative) SA-2 Solved Paper (2012-13)
CBSE Class 10 SA-2 Social Science Sample Question Paper (2012-13)
CBSE Class 10 SA-2 Science Q Paper (By KVS)- 2012-13
Class10 Science - Value Based Questions (SA2)

SA-2 French Sample Q Paper (2010-11)  

class 10 - संस्कृत - (SA-2) Sample Q. Paper (2012-13) 
class 10 - Sanskrit (SA2) Sample Question Paper (2015)

English (Communication) Workbook Solutions

English (Grammar) 

Parts of Speech Online Quiz
Nouns Online Quiz 
Pronouns Online Quiz
Nouns Quiz on Animals and Birds Cries  or  (Online Quiz)
Plurals with Different Meanings
Jumbled Up Sentences (Set -1)
Jumbled Up Sentences (Set -2)
English - Paragraphs (Set-1)
English - Paragraphs (Set-2)
English Grammar (Quiz on Verbs and Tenses)
Online Quiz on Tenses
Comparative Idioms
Collective Nouns 
Plural Nouns with No Singular Form
Synonyms (Quiz)
Antonyms (Quiz) or Online Quiz 
Reading Comprehension (Set-1)
Reading Comprehension (Set-2)
Reading Comprehension(Set-3) 
Reading Comprehension(Set-4)
Reading Comprehension (Set-5)
Reading Comprehension (Set-6)
Reading Comprehension (Unseen Poem)-2
Editing Exercise-1
Editing Exercise-2 
Editing Exercise - 3
One Word Substitution-1
One Word Substitution-2
Colours in Idioms
Numbers in Idioms
Articles (Worksheet-solved)  or Online Quiz on Articles 
Articles (Common Errors)
CBSE Proficiency Test Paper 2012 (English -Vocabulary) Solution
Active/Passive Voice
Online Quiz on Adjectives
Unseen Passage with MCQs
Tenses (Questions from CBSE Exam)
Message Writing 
Reading Comprehension (Tough One)
Unseen Passage-1
Cloze Test

10 Foreign Words That You Must Know
Confusing Sentences

Cloze Test-2
English Grammar Quiz
Kinds of Sentences (Part 1)

English Communication (Literature) 

Social Studies 

Political Science - CH1 - Power Sharing
Political Science - CH2 - Federalism (Q & A)
Political Science - CH3 - Democracy and Diversity (NCERT Chapter Solutions)
Political Science - CH4 - Gender, Religion & Caste  (MCQs)
Political Science - CH5 - Popular Struggles and Movements
Political Science - CH6 - Political Parties (MCQs)
Political Science - CH6 - Political Parties (Q & A)
Political Science - CH6 - Political Parties (Q & A)
Political Science - CH8 - Challenges to Democracy (Q & A)

History - CH2 - The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China
History - CH3 - Nationalism in India
History - Ch7 Print Culture and the Modern World (MCQs)
History - The age of Industrialisation (Q & A)
History - The Age of Industrialisation (MCQs)
Modern Indian History(GK Quiz-8) 
History - Rise of Nationalism in Europe (Important Terms)

Geography - Ch1- Resources and Development(Q & A)
Geography - Ch1 - Resources and Development (MCQs)
Geography - Ch2 - Forest and Wildlife Resources (MCQs from SA1 Exam.)
Geography - Ch3 - Water Resources (MCQs)
Geography - Ch4 - Agriculture (MCQs) 
Geography - Ch5 - Minerals and Energy Resources 
Geography - Ch6 - Manufacturing Industries(MCQs)
Geography - Ch6 - Manufacturing Industries (Very Short Q & A)
Geography - Ch7 - Lifelines of National Economy (MCQs)

Economics - Ch1 Development (MCQs) 
Economics - Ch1 Development (MCQs from 2012 Exam)
Economics - Ch2 Sectors of The Indian Economy(MCQs)
Economics - Ch3 Money & Credit
Economics - Ch3 Money and Credit (Short Q & A)
Economics - Globalisation and the Indian Economy
Economics - Consumer rights

Social Science SA1 Sample Question Paper (2011)
Social Science SA1 Sample Question Paper (2012-13) by KVS
Social Science SA1 Question Paper (Sep 2014)

SA-II Paper - MCQs asked in Exam
SA-II Value Based Questions
SA-II Sample Q Paper by KVS (2013-2014)
SA-II Sample Q Paper (2015)
SA-II Sample Q Paper With Marking Scheme (2016)


CH 1: Real Numbers (MCQ)
CH 1: Real  Numbers (Study Points)
CH 1: Real Numbers (NCERT Ex 1.1)
CH 1: Real Numbers (Euclid's Division Lemma - Q & A)
CH 2: Polynomials (Study Points)
CH 2: Polynomials (NCERT Ex 2.1)
CH 2: Polynomials (NCERT Ex 2.2)
CH 4 : Quadratic Equations (Ex 4.1) 
CH 4 : Quadratic Equations (NCERT Ex 4.2)
CH 5 : Arithmetic Progressions (MCQs) 
CH5: Arithmetic Progressions - Seven Problems You Must Know 
CH 6: Triangles (Important Points To Remember)

CH 8: Introduction to Trigonometry (MCQs from CBSE Papers)
CH 8: Introduction to Trigonometry (NCERT Ex 8.1)
CH 8: Introduction to Trigonometry (NCERT Ex 8.2)
CH 8: Introduction to Trigonometry (NCERT Ex 8.3)

CH 9: Applications of Trigonometry (MCQs) or Online Quiz
CH 14: Statistics (NCERT Ex 14.1)

CH 15: 5 Minutes Revision on Probability
CH 15: 5 Questions on Probability Your Teacher Can Ask To Confuse You

Maths - SA1 Paper (SQP)
Maths - SA1 Sample Question Paper (2015-16) Set 2
Maths - Class 10 Proficiency Test Paper
Maths - Challenges

Maths High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) Questions by CBSE

Maths SA-2 Sample Quest Paper (2012-13)
Maths SA-2 Syllabus + Design of Q Paper
Maths SA-2 Sample Q Paper and Marking Scheme (2016)
Maths SA2 Sample Question Paper (2016)

FIT (computers)


 हिंदी (ब)  -- बड़े भाई साहब
 हिंदी (ब)  - कर चले हम फ़िदा (पाठ्य पुस्तक)
हिंदी-ब पद्य-खंड - मधुर-मधुर मेरे दीपक जल! 
हिंदी (ब)  - अब कहाँ दूसरों के दुःख में दुःखी होने वाले 
हिंदी (ब)  - आत्मत्राण
हिंदी (ब) - अपठित काव्यांश (Hindi-B - Poem Comprehension) 
हिंदी (ब)SA2 - Sample Question Paper (2012-13) 
हिंदी (ब)  - बिहारी के दोहे
हिंदी (ब)  - मनुष्यता
अपठित काव्यांश - २ 
अपठित काव्यांश -३  
अपठित  काव्यांश - 4
औपचारिक पत्र 
अनौपचारिक पत्र 
वाक्य भेद -1
वाक्य भेद-2 
अनेक शब्दों के लिए एक शब्द 

Hindi (B) SA1 Q Paper (2011) 
Hindi (B) SA1 Q Paper (2011-12)
हिंदी - अनेक शब्दों के लिए एक शब्द
हिंदी (पर्यायवाची शब्द)
Hindi (B) SA2 Q Paper (2015)
Hindi (B) SA2 Q Paper with Answers (2016)



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